The University of Toronto Journal of Undergraduate Life Sciences (JULS) was established in the summer of 2006. Starting out as a small group of students who wanted to showcase various works of research by other students, JULS has quickly gained support from various departments and faculty members here at the University of Toronto. Each issue of JULS seeks to exhibit original research from the various life science disciplines, in the hopes of promoting interdisciplinary thinking. All articles are edited by a two-stage peer-review process. Issues are published annually, and are available in both print and electronic format.

Our Mission

  •  To provide an opportunity for undergraduate students to publish their research findings in a peer-reviewed academic journal
  • To engage the undergraduate life sciences community to actively participate in the academic research process
  • To promote an interest in the Life Sciences
  • To encourage participation in intellectual activity beyond the classroom environment
  • To enhance and broaden interdisciplinary knowledge and communication across the various the Life Sciences disciplines

Why publish with JULS?

Click here to read what professors and others have to say about JULS – including the President of the University of Toronto, the Premier of Ontario, and Lieutenant Governor of Alberta.