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Please upload your curriculum vitae (CV) as a PDF, DOC, or DOCX, outlining academic, research and other co-curricular experiences and skills.




1. What unique skills would you bring to your role as news manager?

2. In your opinion, what aspects can be improved in this year’s issue of JULS and how would you go about improving them?

3. Discuss some ways in which JULS can expand its operation and scope. In particular, discuss a strategy for expanding JULS’ content outside of the existing types of articles being published (primary articles, reviews and news briefs).

4. How much time can you commit to JULS during the school year? What other commitments will you have in the upcoming year (i.e. extracurricular, employment, etc.)?

5. Do you have any past experience as part of a student group or another similar organization? If so, please describe what you have learned from this position and how you plan on applying it to your role as a news manager.



Would you be willing to accept an alternate executive position if offered one? YesNo



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