Review Board Manager Application

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Please upload your curriculum vitae (CV) as a PDF, DOC, or DOCX, outlining academic, research and other co-curricular experiences and skills.




1. As review board manager, you will be involved in the selection of a team of reviewers. How will you ensure that reviewers are qualified to review articles for JULS?

2. What responsibilities do you believe your role as review board manager entails? Please briefly state how you would attempt to achieve the stated responsibilities.

3. Outline the methods you would employ to fairly and reasonably assign articles to various peer reviewers.

4. Do you have any past experience managing a student group and communicating with its executive and members? If so, please describe what you have learned from this position and how you plan on applying it to your role as a review board manager.

5. What other commitments will you have in the upcoming year (e.g extracurriculars, employment, etc.)?



Would you be willing to accept an alternate executive position if offered one? YesNo



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