JULS Volume 11, Issue 1 (Spring 2017)

Celebrating the University of Toronto's 190th Birthday

Volume 11
Issue 1
Spring 2017

ISSN 1911-8899 (Print)
ISSN 1911-8902 (Online)


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The Patient Practitioner: Understanding Acute Stress of Surgeons in the OR
Moses Cook

The Hirsch Index and Medical Imaging: Measuring the Academic Footprint of a Department
Yang Zang and Runzhi Huang

Trying to Gain Control Over an Uncontrollable Event: Reflection on Completing an Advanced Directive
Nicole Fogel



Novel Support for the Emerging Paradigm of Genetic Convergence in Mammalian Echolocators
Sam J.F. Walmsley

Calreticulin Acts as a Critical Mediator of Bone and Heart Cell Differentiation Through Regulating the Nuclear Localization of Critical Transcription Factors
Ponthea Pouramin and Michal Opas

Effects of Short-Term High-Fat Diet Feeding on the Outcomes of Lyme Disease Infection in Mice
Zoha Anjum

Biological Versus Foster Antillean Manatee Calf: Who Receives More Social Interaction from Mother?
Lucy Liu



Weighing the Beneficial and Detrimental Consequences of Reactive Oxygen Species and their Role in Diseases
Nidaa Rasheed et al.

The Psychological Impact of Type 2 Diabetes on Non-Diabetic Spouses
Samantha Jagasar

Examining Short and Long-Term Cardiovascular and Urological Outcomes of Living Kidney Donors
Michael Lee et al.

Impacts of Mercury Poisoning on Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor: A Review of Recent Literature
Mohammad-Masoud Zavvarian

The Role of Transforming Growth Factor Beta in Allergic Asthma Pathogenesis
Abi Kirubarajan et al.

Prenatally Stressed Rats Exhibit Behavior that Signals Depression when Evaluating Blood Glucose Metabolism
Neda Jafarian

O-GlcNAcylation in the Pathological Hearth: A Nexus of Hypertrophic Circuitry?
Ahmad Kamal


Dr. Cynthia Goh

Author Interviews - Online Special

  1. Zoha Anjum, Neda Jafarian & Samantha Jagasar [Part 1]
  2. Kamal Hamid, Lucy Liu, Ponthea Pouramin [Part 2]
  3. Nidaa Rasheed, Samuel Walmsley & Mohammad-Masoud Zavvarian [Part 3]