10 Jul

Call for JULS Executive Staff 2015 – 2016 [CLOSED]

Applications for executive positions are now closed. Thank you to all of the applicants. If you were unable to join JULS for this academic term as an executive, we invite your application for a position of the Review Board or the Layout Team. Please see the ‘Staff’ page for details.


JULS is constantly seeking enthusiastic and dedicated students to assume staff positions for the upcoming 2015 edition. Together, we will work towards producing a professional-level journal that will showcase some of the finest research work achieved by undergraduate students here at the University of Toronto. Please see below the openings for the senior executive staff of JULS 2015.

Application Requirements:

  1. All returning undergraduates at the University of Toronto to the Fall/Winter 2015-2016 term are eligible to apply for the listed positions, although previous experience and/or involvement with JULS is strongly encouraged.
  2. Please fill out the relevant application form(s) and submit to juls.uoft@gmail.com
  3. All candidates must submit a curriculum vitae (CV) along with their application highlighting previous research, and other co-curricular experience and skills, and associated skills.
  4. The deadline to submit the relevant documents is: Monday July 20, 2015 11:59pm.


Senior Editor (3-4 positions)

Principal Duties:

  • Review and edit primary and secondary articles
  • Support in securing faculty reviewers
  • Assist in organizing JULS events (e.g. Clubs Day, Writing Seminars, issue distributions, etc.)



Layout Managers (2 positions)

Principal Duties:

  • Choose a team of layout associates
  • Oversee all aspects of designing the layout for the journal.
  • Support management of the JULS website

Note: this position requires a large time commitment in the second semester

JULS-Exec-LayoutManagerApplication 15-16


Review Board Managers (2 positions)

Principal Duties:

  • Choose the editorial review board
  • Assign articles for review to the student and faculty editorial review boards
  • Communicate with the editorial review board, senior editors, faculty, and editors in chief while overseeing and managing the peer-review process

JULS-Exec-ReviewManagerApplication 15-16


News Manager (2 positions)

Principal Duties:

  • Review and edit news proposals and articles
  • Update the JULS website and Facebook page with current news/debates
  • Assist in organizing JULS events (e.g. Clubs Day, Writing Seminars, Gairdner Award interviews, etc.

JULS-Exec-NewsManagerApplication 15-16


External Affairs Manager (2 positions)

Principal Duties:

  • Communicating with external organizations on behalf of JULS (primarily to obtain funding)
  • Recruiting authors and other staff members for JULS
  • Advertising JULS and organizing distribution of printed issues of the journal