01 Oct

Message from the Editors


The Journal of Undergraduate Life Sciences is proud to be embarking on its landmark 10th edition this year. Over the past decade, JULS has risen to unprecedented heights among undergraduate publications for both the quality and volume of research published.

JULS was conceived as a far more humble endeavour than it is now. It was meant simply as a forum for undergraduates to disseminate their research, however within a few years, it evolved to a formal peer-reviewed publication spreading across the University of Toronto, and much of southern Ontario.

Today, JULS is amongst the preeminent undergraduate journals in Canada. As temporary stewards of this proud tradition, we look forward to another excellent year of showcasing undergraduate research. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank all of the previous editors-in-chief, executives, authors, faculty reviewers and associates – whose tireless work made JULS what is it today.


Imindu Liyanage & Charles Lee

Editors-in-Chief (2015/2016)