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The University of Toronto: Journal of Undergraduate Life Sciences is dedicated towards showcasing the research achievements of undergraduate life science students and to encourage intellectual exploration across the various life sciences disciplines.

All work submitted to JULS will be reviewed carefully by a blinded peer-review process and competitively selected for publication. The editorial and review boards are comprised of undergraduate students and faculty volunteers with expertise from various fields in life sciences. JULS is committed to selecting high-quality submissions demonstrating well-conducted research work and insightful analyses.

Research Article Guidelines

News Article Guidelines

Please ensure you have read the submission guidelines below prior to submitting an abstract/news piece. This ensures quick review of your submission. Thanks! 

Have a piece of work that doesn't fit these categories that you'd still like to submit? Contact us directly to ask about it, or use the abstract submission form and choose "Other" as the submission type!

Submitting a Primary Research/Review Article

Abstract Submission

All authors intending to submit a Primary Research Article or Review Articles must first submit an abstract outlining the nature of their work. Abstracts may contain up to 3 figures.

For primary research articles, briefly outline the introduction, goals, methods, results and conclusion of the work. Abstracts pertaining to review articles should give a brief background of the focus of the paper and highlight the significance of pursuing this field of research. All abstracts must be structured, and must not exceed 300 words.

The abstract submission will be used to assess whether the work is consistent with the goals and expectations of JULS. Once reviewed, authors will be notified of the committee’s decision, and if accepted for publication authors will be asked to submit their complete manuscript. Note that authors are encouraged to begin work on their final manuscripts immediately, as they will be give TWO WEEKS upon acceptance of an abstract to submit their final manuscripts.

Submit an Abstract for the 2016-2017 Issue of JULS

The deadline for 2016-2017 abstract submissions is November 30, 2016 at 11:59PM.

Upon Acceptance of an Abstract...

JULS only invites submission of a complete manuscript upon acceptance of an abstract. Please refer to the Submissions Guidelines and Instructions [above] for detailed instructions on preparing your manuscript for publication. Articles must adhere to these guidelines to ensure publication of their work.

Authors submitting any work to JULS must complete the Publishing Agreement Form (PAF) in its entirety. The form is a contractual agreement between JULS and the author(s) that stipulates criteria pertaining to originality of work, copyright, and issues related to intellectual property. Please note, authors are to submit PAFs along with their manuscript, provided they have received approval of their abstracts.

It is important to note that JULS presents no barrier for re-publication of this research in a professional scientific journal. Authors retain all rights to their work, except for the right to publish in another undergraduate journal.

IMPORTANT: Authors must have the written consent of their supervisor prior to submission of their abstract.  Submission of the PAF with the manuscript is sufficient for meeting this requirement.

Click here to download the 2016-2017 PAF

Submitting a News Article

A news article is starkly different from the other publications works as it is intended to chronicle novel and significant scientific research being conducted at the University of Toronto or elsewhere. News articles may also document academic conferences or events at the University that promote discussion of academic matters.

Authors are strongly encouraged to interview the investigator whose research they are describing, so as to develop a deeper insight into the development and significance of the research. For articles documenting events or conferences, authors may interview the organizers, or describe the experiences of others and themselves.

Submit an News Article for the 2016-2017 Issue of JULS

The deadline for 2016-2017 news article submissions is January 31, 2017 at 11:59PM.