Primary Research Article Manuscript Guidelines

In a primary research article, authors should present original research addressing an interesting and novel question in an area of science. If multiple authors are involved, the submitter(s) must secure permission from co-authors and supervisors prior to submission.

  • Word count: 4000 word maximum (excluding figure captions and references)
  • Figures: Maximum of 10 figures/tables

Section Details


Give a brief summary of the research. The abstract should be structured, and include a brief sections for background/introduction, methods and materials, results, and conclusions. It should not exceed 300 words.


Present the relevant and appropriate background information pertinent to your project such that the general scientific community can understand the experiments to be described. The specific goals of the project should also be given, along with the rationale for the experiments.

Materials and Methods

Provide sufficient details regarding experiment procedures, materials and equipment that were utilized in the research such that it can be repeated by another researcher. Include the manufacturer’s name for equipment, and company sources for any materials. Any statistical methods used to analyze the data should also be included. If your research included human participates, make sure to include your ethics approval.


Present the data obtained form the research with the appropriate statistical analysis. The results section should be organized with graphs, tables and figures with descriptive captions. Avoid giving any interpretations of your results.


The discussion section should address the implications that the results present. Describe the relevance of the data with respect to the current understanding of the problems being studied in the field. You may include references and other work in this section to compare and contrast. It is important to explain the significance of the results in light of the goals of your study. No new data should be presented.


Summarize clearly and concisely the major conclusions obtained from the experiments and its overall significance in your research.


In this section, you may acknowledge any significant individuals that helped you with your project. You should also mention any applicable grant or funding you received to support your work.

Figure Captions

For each figure, provide an explanatory caption with enough detail to make the figure comprehensible without the main text.