Perspective on Virtual Care during COVID-19
Read about how the transition to virtual care during COVID-19 has impacted the Canadian healthcare system from the patient lens. In this perspectives piece, the authors provide recommendations to leverage current data to fully leverage the benefits of virtual care in a crumbling healthcare system.
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Perspectives on Research
Describing obstacles, experiences, and tips for aspiring young scientists through an undergraduate and graduate perspective.
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Featured Publications

Virus-Like Particles as a CRISPR-Cas9 Delivery Tool

Sanskriti Shindadkar, Kari M. Severson

Review | 16th Volume

The Evolution of TNF-α Blockade for the Treatment of Rheumatoid Arthiritis

Felicia Ceban & Katherine Jiaxi Xu

Review | 16th Volume

Consistency of In Vitro Drug Sensitivities Within Pharmacological Classes

Casey Hon, Sisira Nair, Petr Smirnov, Hossein Sharifi, Nikta Feizi, Shaun Shepherd & Benjamin Haibe-Kains

Research | 15th Volume

Visualization of Layers Within a Convolutional Neural Network Using Gradient Activation Maps

Dianna McAllister, Mauro Mendez, Ariana Bermúdez & Pascal N. Tyrrell

Research | 14th Volume