Open Positions

JULS is currently recruiting editorial staff for the 2020-2021 academic cycle.  Application forms can be accessed by clicking on the heading links below. Prospective staff are welcome to submit applications for multiple positions, but only one will be offered. The application deadline is Sunday, August 16th, 2020, at 11:59PM. For specific questions, please contact



Senior Editor Application (4 positions)

JULS Senior Editors evaluate author manuscripts to ensure technical, structural, and stylistic standards. Senior editors require significant scientific and research experience across a range of disciplines, as well as strong written language capabilities. Furthermore, senior editors act as a liaison between authors and JULS for discussing manuscript feedback and revisions.

Senior Editors will be expected to:

  • Critically evaluate author submissions and provide acceptance/rejection recommendations to the Editors-in-Chief
  • Compile reviewer comments and communicate essential revisions to authors
  • Edit manuscripts to comply with JULS scientific, structural, and stylistic guidelines
  • Plan and maintain editorial deadlines to ensure rapid peer-review turnaround

Layout Manager Application (2 positions)

JULS Layout Managers work to ensure author manuscripts are presented in clear and readable formats. Layout managers require significant graphic design and publishing experience, with a keen attention to detail. Furthermore, layout managers define the implementation of the JULS brand and ensure quality and professionalism in the journal’s appearance.

Layout Managers will be expected to:

  • Format edited manuscripts with regards to text, figures, graphics, and other miscellaneous material
  • Provide stylistic and artistic recommendations to the Editors-in-Chief for JULS branding
  • Seek out and/or commission original artwork for special articles and issues
  • Produce graphics/figures for general use on JULS online platforms
  • Teach Layout Associates Adobe InDesign and assign them tasks

External Affairs Manager Application (2 positions)

JULS External Affairs Managers act as a liaison between JULS, the public, and other professional organizations. External affairs managers are responsible for communications between funding agencies, sponsoring departments, and other personnel supporting JULS operations. Furthermore, External affairs managers organize outreach campaigns and initiatives to increase readership and interest in the JULS organization.

External Affairs Managers will be expected to:

  • Maintain communication with past and present JULS sponsors, including departments, organization, and faculty members
  • Organize outreach initiatives and campaigns to increase awareness of JULS
  • Work with the Editor-in-Chief to explore new funding sources
  • Coordinate professional meetings and partnerships between JULS and other scientific organizations

News Manager Application (4 positions)

JULS News Managers are responsible for evaluating and coordinating the review of news articles submitted to JULS. New managers work with senior editors to review scientific content and stylistic accuracy of news articles covering recent developments in life science research. In addition, news managers coordinate original content produced from JULS, including interviews, features, and faculty spotlights.

News Managers will be expected to:

  • Evaluate news article submissions and ensure editorial and scientific accuracy
  • Coordinate initiatives for original written pieces from JULS, including interviews, features, and editorials
  • Work with the Editors-in-Chief to implement new article types

Review Board Member Application (6 positions)

JULS Review Board Members are responsible for assigning faculty reviewers to author manuscripts for the peer-review process. Review board members are required to identify faculty with sufficient expertise in relation to submitted manuscripts. In addition, Review board members are responsible for resolving disputes regarding author rebuttals, and overall ensure a fair and balanced peer-review process.

Review board members will be expected to:

  • Critically evaluate author manuscripts and identify suitable faculty reviewers for the peer-review process
  • Resolve author disputes and rebuttals to ensure fair process
  • Follow up with reviewers to assess suitability of major revisions and changes

Webmaster Application (2 positions)

JULS Webmasters are responsible for maintaining, updating, and upgrading the web platform. This includes the digitization and archival work of previous JULS issues, as well as supporting the implementation of OJS to the JULS platform. Webmasters are also required to collaborate with various editorial and layout teams to ensure accurate web presentation of journal materials.

Webmasters will be expected to:

  • Update the with regards to new articles, news, and announcements
  • Engage in the maintenance and upgrading of the wordpress platform
  • Support the Editors-in-Chief in the implementation of an OJS manuscript submission system
  • Collaborate with editorial and layout teams to ensure accurate presentation of articles and essential graphics