To submit a manuscript to JULS, use the following steps:

1. Review the JULS Article Types and Manuscript Guidelines

2. Navigate to (button above), the JULS OJS Submission                Platform

3. Register for a JULS OJS account

4. Follow the steps on OJS to upload manuscript files

Terms of Submission

JULS considers for publication of original research that has not been previously published. Submission to JULS implies that this is the case and that the submitted manuscript is not under consideration for publication elsewhere.


JULS recognizes the preliminary nature of most undergraduate research and supports re-publication of work in non-undergraduate journals. However, re-submission of work to other undergraduate or student journals is prohibited. If duplicate submissions in violation of this policy are brought to the attention of the JULS editorial team, original submissions to JULS may be removed or rendered inaccessible.


JULS requires that all independent contributions of each author be provided during online submission. While currently we do not have formal guidelines, we recommend the CRediT Taxonomy for incoming submissions. Regardless of formatting, it is the responsibility of the corresponding author to ensure that contributions are agreed on by all co-authors prior to manuscript submission.


Upon article acceptance, most papers are posted on the journal web as accepted manuscripts on JULS Online in advance of publication of the annual JULS print issue, in which they will subsequently appear. Authors may communicate whether or not they want their manuscript to be posted online prior to print issue publication by contacting the editorial team in advance.


There are no submission or publication fees to publish in JULS. JULS is committed to open and free access for all undergraduate publications from any Canadian institution. Operation of JULS is generously supported by UofT inter-departmental funding and support from affiliated institutions. 


Updated August 5th, 2020