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Latest Research

A Pilot Study of Microbubble-Delivered Gene Therapy Using High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU)

Ain Kim & Seung-Hee Han


Oncolytic adenovirus is a frequently used viral vector for gene therapy in cancer treatments. However, they are highly susceptible to liver-drainage or rejection by the immune system upon injection. Kim et al  investigates the possibility of minimally-invasive gene delivery using microbubbles with MRI-guided HIFU and confirms that the adenovirus can successfully be delivered into target tumor tissues.

Statistics and Research Methodology Training Needs in Medical Imaging

Stephanie Wai-Shan Wang et al.


Medical trainees are responsible for making informed choices based on research evidence, but many postgraduate medical students find statistics difficult. Wang et al  investigates the needs to offer broad training in research methodology in medical education and recommend improvements for training and resources.

Investigating Perceptual Grouping by Common Region Through a Repetition Discrimination Task

Nafisa Bhuiyan, Jason Rajsic, Jay Pratt


Recent evidence suggests that perceptual grouping occurs not only from visual similarity, but also from associative similarity. Bhuiyan et al perform a repetition discrimination task that demonstrates no significant differences caused by prior training on associative similarity performance.