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Ketene and Ammonia Forming Acetamide in the Interstellar Medium

Akash Kothari, Linglan Zhu, John Babi, Natalie J. Galant, Anita Rágyanszki & Imre G. Csizmadia


Kothari et al. investigates a reaction pathway that results in the creation of acetamide in the interstellar medium (ISM), which may support the formation of biological precursors of life.

Quantum Chemical Study of the Formation of Urea in Interstellar Medium

Linglan Zhu*, Akash Kothari*, John Babi, Natalie J. Galant, Anita Rágyanszki & Imre G. Csizmadia


Zhu et al. investigates the formation of urea, an essential biomolecule, in interstellar medium (ISM), which has implications on theories involving the origin of life.

A Pilot Study of Microbubble-Delivered Gene Therapy Using High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU)

Ain Kim & Seung-Hee Han


Oncolytic adenovirus is a frequently used viral vector for gene therapy in cancer treatments. However, they are highly susceptible to liver-drainage or rejection by the immune system upon injection. Kim et al  investigates the possibility of minimally-invasive gene delivery using microbubbles with MRI-guided HIFU and confirms that the adenovirus can successfully be delivered into target tumor tissues.

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